Your Soul is where you carry your spirit, and this is true whether you are a self-spirited person or whether you are a faith based spiritual person. It’s a natural law and it’s as much a part of us as the air we breath and the food we eat, because it too is responsible for how your Personal Operating System is energized.

Your self-spirit is where you carry your inner peace and harmony and our personal histories, our varied backgrounds and our faith based belief systems all play a major part in how our soul is customized and individualized. It’s a major influence in your finding the ultimate happiness.

At some point in our lives, most us will send out the same SOS, that innate call to search our souls in a deeper and more meaningful way when we first begin to question our future. And for most it’s done by looking at our past in some way, hoping to get answers to the five W’s and most likely question our very existence.

Who are we really?

What are our reasons for being here?

Where do I go from here?

Why is this happening to me?

When will I find the “balance”?

Your Soular Self is a constant source of receiving information and critical data that is responsible for your spirit. This is a personal sojourn into discovering your “soular self”, whether it is your own soular spirit that seeks or spiritual beliefs that seek peace, your Soular self will send out an SOS at some point in your life, and for some, it may be more than once.

As a facilitator of this information, it is my goal to share insightful information that helps others look within themselves and the world around them that can help make sense of one’s self and the actions of others. Our Soular Self sends us messages all the time, and depending on our personal histories, backgrounds and beliefs, you may not have been taught this simple science.

Your Interself is your Personal Operating System, and understanding you, and your soul is a wonderful way to empower your POS because you gain important knowledge that you will benefit from as you move forward in life.