This personal operating system runs like a 24/7 wi-fi system and keeping it in balance is key to harmony and happy, healthy living.

Your Interself is made up of seven specific sources of energy that empowers your life and influences your Physical, Mindful and Soular Self. It’s no coincidence that it correlates to colors of the rainbow. By learning the mechanics of the subtle energy that flows through each of us, you can learn how to restore and maintain Your Interselves, using subtle energy healing methodologies that have yet to become mainstream thinking.  

Each of these personal power sources are customized and individualized by our histories, backgrounds and beliefs. This personal operating system runs like a 24/7 wi-fi system and keeping it in balance is key to harmony and happy, healthy living.

Outside of the most obvious aspect of our physical selves, there is a nether aspect of our physical selves that has not been given its just dues. The irony of this statement is simple and scientific. In fact, it is only in recent years that proof of what is referred to as,” metaphysics” has been attained.

Being able to capture the actual subtle energy that flows through our bodies, via photography has opened a whole new aspect to just how our health is affected and affected by the rest of the electromagnetic spectrum we are a part of. Thank you, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Dinshah Ghadilia and Carolyn Myss for the knowledge and education to empower my Interself.

Simply put, the visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum has many healing qualities and benefits. New born jaundice has been cured by using blue lights for decades. Us lay people, the patients and families never questioned how it worked, and quite frankly I doubt many could have explained it. We’ve never questioned how it worked, we were just grateful that it did, and we needed no explanation as to how the liver magically started functioning properly.

Your physical self and the power that flows through it is the single most important thing to learn now we live in that 24 seven Wi-Fi worlds. The Internet has changed the way we do things, and just as importantly it has changed the way we view things and how we process them. Whether for the good, the bad or even the ugly, you have to know just where you are in order to get where you are going, and gaining the understanding of “Your Interself” will benefit you and the world around you in many positive ways.

For centuries now we have been referring to them as “chakras”, a set of seven areas that are in a perfect vertical line from the bottom of our torso to the top of our heads. In other forms of subtle energy healing, Acupuncture refers to the energetic patterns as the Meridian, and the release of built up, negative energy. Many people have received the benefits of other types of subtle healing through Yoga, Reiki and Reflexology, and at the end of the day, all of them are designed to reformat, restore or reenergize the very same energetic patterns that I refer to as Your Interself’s seven sources of power.

By now you should be asking yourself what the difference is, since subtle energy itself hasn’t changed. The significant point of difference is how Your Interself operates now that it lives in a 24/7 Wi-Fi world. Our Aura, our mind and even our soular spirited self is constantly being bombarded with frequencies that have a subtle effect on our physical, mindful and soular selves.