Your Interself is the Personal Operating System within you that is made of seven specific sources of energy that powers your daily lives and influences your Physical, Mental and Soular Self. By learning the mechanics of the subtle energy that flows through us all, we can learn how to restore and maintain our Interselves.

Each of these personal power sources are customized and individualized by our histories, backgrounds and beliefs. This personal operating system runs like a 24/7 wi-fi system and keeping it in balance is key to harmony and happy, healthy living.

For centuries now we have been referring to them as “chakras“, these specific areas found in the body, that are in a vertical line from the bottom of our torso to the top of our heads. In the healing arts of Acupuncture, they refer to these energetic patterns as the “Meridian Channel”. Many people have received the benefits of other forms of subtle healing through Yoga, Reiki and Reflexology, all of which can help bring the bodies energy flow back in line.

When we remind ourselves of how we are full of neurons and protons, and that we have this amazing pathway of instant messaging, (hmmm, I wonder which one is faster) that is called our Nervous System. On top of it, we have an actual layer or field of energy that surrounds our physical body and is our built-in defense system for Personal Operating System.

It’s just not rocket science any more, and there certainly is no mystery as to why we cannot use simple forms of subtle energy to help restore the balance of energy that naturally flows through your body, your Personal Operating System.

By understanding the mechanics of your POS, you can use the color-coded method of balancing your energetic health and help restore, regain and maintain your physical self. The information provided to help facilitate your own learning, of your own Interself and is not intended for any other purpose other than to share information.