What Does Courage Mean to You?

“Our minds can trick us and our hearts can blind us, but our souls play no such games.”

This quote was organically created during an inspiring exchange on a social media group that stemmed from the OP on courage and the four elements.

This was my reply, “elements don’t have their own life force and don’t require courage like human souls. I believe courage is straight from the heart if you have enough self-love you will find the courage necessary for whatever comes your way”.

Someone reading the thread commented, “interesting the way you have categorized and described courage separately from… The tin man’s heart and the scarecrow’s brain.”

After reading it several times and then re-reading the whole thread, I really wasn’t quite sure how to process that. My original intent for the reply I posted was not connected to the Wizard of Oz in any way.

As synchronicity would have it, I did start to listen to a workshop given by Carolyn Myss on the Oz topic just this past week however. I guess she and I were meant to connect because the OP had nothing to do with Oz!

Yet, with her personal reading of my reply gave me something to contemplate. So, I responded with, “Errr…I did Lol”, which brought her to smile back at me in return!

After some thought, I began to reply to her with what I connected via her own inspiring thoughts. “The heart and the mind will never see eye to eye and are easily manipulated and conditioned but the soul cannot be. It is your true self loved ‘soular self’, and that’s the only real path to courage that is needed to do the real work. Our minds can trick us and our hearts can blind us but the soul plays no games.”

She loved it! “Beautiful. That’s a “tweetable” as Oprah might say, very well said!”

Thank you, LN, for your awe-inspiring help in pulling this out of me! I am an average Jo, and there are a lot of times that I feel as if I had an original thought and creative thought, however it is very possible that I picked channeled it in an unconscious way. Anything is possible in this 24/7 Wi-Fi connected world!

This is the first of many insightful conversations on how our Soular Selves operate and the goal is to inspire your own creative thought!






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