The Mission of Your Interself  is to facilitate the learning, caring and restoration of one’s inner balance of subtle energetic patterns.

Your Interself is an amazing Personal Operating System that has its own unique set of energetic patterns that are customized and individualized by our personal histories, backgrounds and beliefs. This system works simultaneously and effortlessly that are powered by seven core sources of energy on a 24/7 basis.

Think of those seven energy centers found within as you do with the ancient chakra system, because they are all based on the same scientific principle, however Your Interself is an easier and more identifiable way to understand yourself and the world around you.

Learn how your Personal Operating System influences and affects your overall physical well-being, your state of mind and your personal journey into your own Soul’s purpose and your own spiritual path. There are multiple natural laws and guiding principles that ring true for all of us because of our physical selves and the same laws apply regardless of where we are on those personal sojourns.

Our goal is to facilitate the learning process of this subtle energy with the four main branches that make up your subtle self. By learning how to effectively use the varying frequencies that our found in the visible portion of our light spectrum we can help regain, restore and maintain our Physical Self, Mental Self, Soular Self and our Spiritual Self in an easy and effective way.