Using Clean Green

Green, it does the body good and is the go to color for most ill causing imbalances.

Green is the frequency that closely resembles the element Cl-chlorine and as such can be considered to have a disinfecting quality about it. This past winter there were several occasions that warranted using a set of green lights to stave off any germs that may have entered my own Personal Operating System.

As a hairdresser there have been many times that clients have come in at varying stages of not feeling well and last winter was no different however what I did to protect myself was to plug in some green lights asap so that the frequency could clean the air.

When I woke up the next morning, I feltĀ  tickle in my nose so I turned on the green lights again and put a piece of green fabric around neck and the tickle itself lasted through the day, however it did not progress into the cold that my client had.

A fellow stylist became unbalanced in the nasal/sinus area and I gave her a set of lights to use and the next morning she was free and clear of any blockage, not to mention thoroughly impressed! It’s not rocket science!