The Warming Sensation of Red

The frequency of red is the longest and the slowest wave on our electromagnetic spectrum and with that shiny piece of red fabric it provided just enough of a warming energy to relieve that stiffness. One of the best uses of the color red is to help relieve stiffness that is caused from certain conditions that are part of the natural aging process. One of those is the discomfort that comes from area’s that are wearing down. The energy flow is slowing down and needs to be energized to bring relief. (Due to red being highly energizing, those under care of a doctor for conditions of the circulatory system should not use it.)

The first time that I used a piece of red polyester satin was when I had tripped on my own two feet walking through a restaurant, I was able to put my arm out catching myself as I fell to the floor. Although I was okay, my shoulder took a jarring, but I didn’t feel that I had done any damage. Like most non serious physical injuries like this, it didn’t start to stiffen up until later in the day. So I placed the fabric over my shoulder underneath my shirt and went about my day, which was to do the typical chores around the house.

Suffice it to say that the stiffness disappeared so that I had better range of motion with my arm, and although I still the injury, it was the lack of stiffness that allowed me to continue with my day. When I woke up the next morning it was stiff again, so with a little stretching I then put the fabric back on and within 30 minutes, the stiffness disappeared again. I never felt the need to take any form of pain relief or anti-inflammatory.

Two weeks ago, when a client complained of the stiffness from osteoarthritis, I put a piece of red fabric on her shoulder and her reaction was the same shocked, OMG, that’s the rest of my clients have had when the fabric makes a distinguishable difference. She went home with a piece of each color and was going to see what she had for the red to use on her shoulder as I did, once that warming energy was introduced, it provided the much needed energy to restore the imbalance that causes us to stiffen up.

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