The Power of the Rainbow

How to Use the Subtle Energy of Rainbows to Restore and Re-balance

Using subtle energy to re-balance and restore is nothing new to as we use that same simple science and gain an understanding that the visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum is the science geeky stuff that scares most people off.

The truth is, we’ve been using color psychology for a very long time as hairdressers, and now it’s time to get a better understanding of it all. It’s time to develop our sixth sense using individual colors, chromo-therapy. The use of color frequencies to help balance and restore.

That same visible portion, the rainbow, can help restore and re-balance your energetic patterns when your personal power grid is attacked with powerful, negative hits. By understanding our physical selves and how our energy systems are conditioned, we can flip the power switch to positive energy by using one of the seven colors. With colored lights or even shiny colored objects such as fabrics or foil, they reflect the energy necessary to restore balance, much in the same way we get rid of unwanted color tones, by applying its “complementary color”.

Each color of the rainbow is color coordinated with seven specific sources of energy that lie within us all and are the operators of our physical selves. They are heavily, and I mean heavily influenced by the world around us, and they are individualized and customized by our personal histories, backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs.

Over the course of the summer, I will be posting the specifics that I mention here. I look forward to sharing with my fellow hairdressers all that I have learned and it is my hope and goal that I can be of help to others. As a 35-year veteran, I have had the pleasure of holding each job found within a salon and as well, on my personal climb to the educational Artistic Mainstage. It is through those experiences and with my personal “Frientele” that I share these stories.

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