The Go to Color of Green

When using Chromo Color Therapy to help balance and restore your bodies vital energy flow, the frequency of the color Green is the Go To Color for two reasons. One is it’s ability to restore and maintain the bodies equilibrium and the second one is for it’s antiseptic and over all cleansing ability.

Something that I have always heard from my clients and frientele is how they feel so “refreshed” and “renewed” after coming home from a trip out into the country. Where there is an abundance of the color green with the grass and trees and less of the roads and general commerce .

Grass has been used for centuries as a way to bleach out linens and clothing, and are even depicted in works by Vincent Van Gogh’s “Bleaching Ground”, 1882   and David Teniers, the Younger’s ” A Bleaching Ground”.

Years ago, a member of my Frientele had shared a story with me about one of her fondest memories of going to Finland every few years in order to see her Mother’s family.

From high above she could see what looked like snow covered fields, but when the plane started to descend, the snow became everyone’s laundry, stretching out for miles among the bright green grass.

At the time, her Grandmother simply told her, “it was to bleach them”, and naturally, she never questioned it because it was her Grandmother’s way of doing laundry and back then, we didn’t question much!

I found her story very interesting and even though I had not seen it myself, I believed it. I didn’t question her much in the same way she didn’t question her Grandmother! It was blind faith really, although we didn’t know how it worked, we had proof that it did.

Imagine my surprise when I fell upon this information years later! As I began the study of subtle energy in relation to the health benefits of Chromo Color Therapy, the answer to how the green grass bleached that laundry came to light! In a just a flash she and her story came back, and I had learned and confirmed some powerful information. It was one of the highlights of my learning the Spectro Chrome Metry System that I refer to when discussing the Chromo Color Therapy.

This makes the color Green the “Go To” color when you are exposed to the “guck”  that circles around us on a daily basis, (coined by my two year old Granddaughter). I keep some green St. Patty’s Day lights at arms reach, and some shiny green fabric on hand so that I can grab them easily enough if I feel I am coming down with some sort of bug.

Some will argue that after thirty five plus years of working behind the chair, I am immune to most things! I firmly believe that the green’s frequency has in fact spared me on numerous occasions!

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