Be All There!

Our Personal Operating System strives for balance and being all there, being in the moment where ever you are, is one way to achieve it. Stay focused on the task at hand, what’s before your vary eyes and don’t let your mind wonder to any “non-starters”, ones that lead you no where and can sabotage

The Warming Sensation of Red

The frequency of red is the longest and the slowest wave on our electromagnetic spectrum and with that shiny piece of red fabric it provided just enough of a warming energy to relieve that stiffness. One of the best uses of the color red is to help relieve stiffness that is caused from certain conditions

Blue and Chromo Color Therapy

The frequency of blue has been in use for decades because of its healing properties in both our physical body and in our mental status. I would view it as the most widely used and as such, “accepted” form of Chromo Color therapy that is in use today. What I have found most interesting is