Welcome to the resource page for Your Interself! It contains links to specific websites of the places and people that have influenced my Interself in the last several years. It’s been an organically grown curriculum, as each part of this amazing physical aspect of our lives has fallen into place at the right time. Learning new things satisfies the eager curiosity that seems to be a big part of my personal make up.

Fuller explanations and insight are given in my classes, webinars and through a variety of posts on this website! Feel free to email me with your comments or questions!

Cruise Director for a Self Guided Souljourn: books and workshops by Caroline Myss, although we have never met, it was as if she was holding my hand while leading me in the right direction to rebuilding a relationship with God. It has been and continues to be a rich and delicious journey of learning more about myself, and leading me to discovering my Interself.

The Study of Chromo-Color Therapy

A Critical Analysis article posted on the National Institute of Health’s webpage: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1297510/

The Spectro Chrome Metry System of balancing your energetic systems with light therapy, utilizing specific colors, and the frequencies they represent to bring your body back in to balance.     http://dinshahhealth.org/


The Music



The Yoga Masters

Susan Robinson Yoga (Calvert County MD)

Cathy Valentine (Charles County MD)

Ellenanne Yoga (Hartford Connecticut)