Our Connection to the Universe

It’s actually pretty simple. Albert Einstein’s formula gave us the basis of just how our physical selves are invisibly grounded to this little planet we live on. A planet that we now see within in a vast universe with still more yet to be discovered. For too long now the species commonly referred to as “human beings” have denied or have been denied the simple science that pertains to Your Interself.

Now more than ever, it is important to learn about the “E” of Alberts equation, Energy! Up to this point in our civilization, we have relied heavily on what we know as our five senses. A good point to make at this time is that saying that follows the loss of our sight, sound, taste, smell or even touch, that the other sense wake up to compensate for that loss. Those remaining senses begin to redefine the energy coming their way, heightening their overall ability to read or process what it is coming its way.

Living in a 24/7 Wi-Fi world now has your physical self being subjected to waves of energetic frequencies that are and have been fine tuning your ability to absorb, or better yet, read energy with a sixth sense. We’ve been raised on five senses, and as human beings we rely on what it is we do know and at the same time we negate what it is that we don’t know.

To this point, several factors have kept this information about subtle energy and how we fit in with that vast universe. Many may feel this level of science isn’t something we will ever understand. Some of our Interselves stating, “for goodness grades sake, it’s Physics, and I didn’t do well in high school science let alone this stuff!”. For others, there is a sense of unknowning-ness that fuels nervous energy about it and how it does (or worse), doesn’t fit in with your own faith-based religions. Some cling to “Science Only” and some cling to “Religion Only” and Your Interself doesn’t care one bit about either.

Your Interself follows the laws of nature, because we human beings are but just one miniscule part of this great big universe of Nature. And whether or not Albert recognized this and made some of these very connections in his own mind, the fact that we can put ourselves on the SAME electromagnetic spectrum that beholds our ability to see color is something to hold within Your Interself with great resonance and care for your part on that same spectrum.

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