My Re-introduction Into Subtle Energy

Ironically, I have been studying one form of subtle energy for my entire thirty-five years of hairdressing as a successful hair colorist. Little did I know then that the very first thing taught to me in the most impactful seminar I ever took was just that. In hair color 101, we are taught the Electromagnetic Spectrum, and with all focus on the middle of it, the Visible Spectrum of Light Energy. Turns out this subtle energy is the foundation for successful color formulations no matter whose line was used.

Now at tunnamedhe time, whether it made sense to me or not, (I don’t think it did), because innately I knew that was not where the focus needed to be in a three-day color intensive. So, for me it was a means to an end, and I considered it background information and filed it away. There were and still are more important things to retain when learning the principles of hair color to predict and achieve beautiful, long lasting hair color. One of which is the color wheel, and ever since that class, the color wheel was speaking my language then and as you see, continues to do so now!

The color wheel has always been my favorite part of teaching hair color because it held so many of the “secrets” because if you understood it as steadfast rules, you could predict with close certainty what your results will be when you’re finished. It’s all mathematics no matter what type of color is involved, if it has color to it, it’s the same wheel, whether it’s coloring hair or painting a wall or art canvas, the color wheel holds many answers.

Now you would think that all that color wheel knowledge being securely snapped into place inside my head would have made the instant connection when I started studying the power system of subtle energy and healing dis-order within the body! However, it wasn’t until I started planning an actual energy workshop with friend, Sue Robinson, that the whole fascinating world of subtle energy made complete sense to me. In our course discussions, Sue had mentioned several times that she was surprised in just how quickly I grasped the overall concept of subtle energy and how it is used in and around our bodies. And when she said it I thought of how it was that it took me as long as it did to make the color wheel connection, good grief!

When Susan invited me to join her in attending a workshop on balancing our energy centers with the use subtle energy in combination with Yoga, it sounded like a lovely way to spend three hours! The workshop was using crystal bowls and Tahitian Brass ones, that the yogi would play to produce the seven specific musical notes that corresponded with the seven specific energy centers found within.

To enhance the balancing or tuning of those energy sources, we were placed in simple yoga poses and along with the musical sounds, she used a large glass tuner to increase the intensity of vibrational frequencies. The sounds that rang out from those bowls were flawless and magically beautiful in that peaceful and serene way that helps you to relax. At one point in the class she came around with the glass tuning device and held it over our bodies for a moment or two. It’s soft waves of vibration washed over me like the feeling of a breeze on a warm sunny beach and I felt my shoulders relaxing more and my breathing deepen.

When the class ended, she told us that we had done a lot of work on our “physical” selves over the course of three hours even though we may not feel like it.  And as such, we would be super sensitive to the varying emotions that would cross our paths through the remainder of the day, so try to avoid and instead relax and stay as peaceful as possible.

Immediately thinking of that typical, “one stop” on the way home, I knew I would be playing with fire because it involved a grocery store and only picking up two things that were indeed necessary. It wasn’t until l was driving home after that stop that I realized what I had just done, when my one bag broke carried out with only eggs, bread and a can of tomato paste that when the bag broke as I walked out of the store didn’t faze me one bit! It was like I was on auto pilot because all I did was scoop it all up in my arms and walk back into the store to get it replaced, even volunteering to run back and get the replacement! All with big, carefree smile on my face, and one that I felt, because usually these types of events make me put a forced smile on my face and the last thing I am feeling is “Happy”!

Upon the realization that the class had, had a strong and positive effect on me, I researched and bought some music later that night. I downloaded a cd that was a combination of nature sounds and the musical notes. When I turned on my wireless speaker and placed it in my lap and then hit the play button, I felt an incredibly strong jolt of some kind that had me brush the speaker off my lap right away, it was one of those instinctual moves stemming from danger. Catching my breath, I instantly deciphered it wasn’t an electrical shock, and so I picked up the speaker and put it back on my lap and then started to feel the vibrations in my abdomen. Now, looking back I now know what I felt was a twang, the same kind of feeling when you are playing guitar and you pull that one string wrong.

From that day, I began an unorthodox practice of listening to that one cd to fine tune myself whenever I felt it was necessary and only then.  It became a way of looking at myself in a whole new way, and is what led me to developing an “Interself”, as it opened new pathways thought and of seeing the many power-trips in my life, past and present, where blocking the many power-ships in my life time that was desperately trying to come forward and help me lead a more fulfilled latter half of my life, (a work in progress).

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In my next blog, I will explain how learning what each of the energy centers represented and how my first practice sessions of personal tuning and balancing these seven energy centers told me so many things about myself.


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