As we continue to gain an understanding of our Personal Operating System is responsible for the all the energetic patterns of subtle energy, let’s connect another textbook from our high school days, and introduction into psychology. You already use the power of your POS to choose the colors for your home or office, specifically choosing colors because of the peaceful feeling they offer in a bedroom, or the cheery yellow you’d find in a kitchen.

This is subtle energy that can help restore one’s energetic balance using the color-coded simplicity of chromo-therapy to re-energize under active energy flow or reduce over active energy to restore one’s proper Personal Operating System. This same scientific is all connected to Your Interself. They are all color coded to use in conjunction with one another to help achieve energetic balance in a simple and effective way through the use of same colors found in the rainbow.

Maintaining a peaceful mind in today’s 24\7 internet world is made more possible by gaining the understanding of what subtle energy is and the mechanics of your Personal Operating System, Your Interself.