Your Mindful Self is a very powerful part of our physical selves, and its own power is quite capable of being influenced and influencing our entire Interself when given the chance.

Out of the three proponents that makes up Your Interself, Your Mindful Self is, in its own right, a significant part of your Physical and Soular selves. It’s the status of your emotional health and how you live your life whether it be through the life of an optimist or pessimist, or how you react to the world around you. When life throws you a curveball or you have an unexpected outcome the way you react, approach or overcome it is a good indicator of just how balanced Your Mindful self is.

Keeping our emotional health in balance is the most sought after “reason” people seek the alternative healing methods such as yoga, Reiki, organized sports etc. being mindful of your mental self is of utmost importance now more than ever since we live in that 24/7 world because it any given second the world is we know it can be changed. Whether it be from a stupid comment on social media to serious news event across the world, the reality is we do not know what our lives will be tomorrow because they can be changed within a nanosecond.

The wave of energy, good or bad is now moving at a very faster clip, now more than ever, it’s so fast, we can’t even see it. Think of it this way, have you ever experienced the wave of energy that has hit you in any of these circumstances? You walked into the conference room and the tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife? How about when you walked into a party, or social event and you knew within a second or two whether it was a bust or not? Have you ever walked up to an ongoing conversation between two people and although they said nothing was wrong you knew that they were fighting in some way? Heck in many ways, social media and our ability to communicate via the instant Internet can in many cases circumvent your evening happening to show up to even read the energy!

What you should understand is that is your physical body’s natural ability to read energy and you can’t stop it from doing so even if you tried. The speed of that process, reading it and then reacting to it, is rather fast and in some cases unconsciously fast, such as the fight or flight response. When you feel the E B Jeebies, you don’t ask questions do you? You just get the hell out of there!

In other ways the speed of processing and/or reacting to things can take longer, from hours to even days to even years depending on the nature of what it is. The longer one has ignored the mental anguish that is causing the issue, the longer it will take to restore the balance and if possible, undo some damage. When negative energy is left to circulate with in your physical self, the negative energy causes chaotic dis-order that then becomes dis—eased if left alone.

Your Mindful Self can have an effect on your Physical Self, that is not new information to say the least. Many studies have been done to show the connection between the minds ability to help heal the physical body. Now that science and technology is catching up to the world of Energetics, the proof is confirming what was already known, but without that “proof”, the world labeled it negatively. Thus, causing the world of subtle energetic healing to be considered silly, superstitious and worse.

Your Mindful Self is a very powerful part of our physical selves, and its own power is quite capable of being influenced and influencing our entire Interself when given the chance. You have to keep up with it depending on what life has thrown you. With an understanding of Your Interself and how it operates with the power that is your Mindful self, you are better equipped to power your day in a healthier mindful way.