JoAnn the Hairdresser

There are very few jobs available that I can think of that allow you to dress up, or dress down, constantly meet new people, work in a place that is cool in the summer and warm in the winter, has all the tools necessary to play hair and make-up on different people all day than one in the beauty industry.  And as if you could top those benefits, people constantly tell you that they love you, adore you and especially love what you’ve done to them and for them. They praise you as a magician, (I have that wand somewhere a very happy MOB gave me), and  they consider you an artistically creative person. They thank you for being their chair-side therapist, whether it was expected or not and they laugh at all our jokes, whether their funny or not because they want their hairdresser to be happiest while cutting their hair.

So, when people ask me what it is I do for a living, I think back to what my most recent work day was like and all the clients that had graced my chair. For the most part, answering with, “I’m a hairdresser”, just doesn’t seem to quite cover what it is I do on a day to day basis.

As a professional in the beauty industry, I have proudly worn many titles in my career; Stylist, Beautician, Designer, Hairdresser, Master Colorist, Salon Manager, Salon Owner, and other titles that were the required authoritative reasoning behind someone choosing me by a simple business card. Per the state, I have lived and worked in all my life, I am a Senior Licensed Cosmetologist; a person who provides cosmetic and chemical services that involve hair, skin, and nails.

Throughout my career, I have been passionate about hair color and hair cutting, learning all that I could about the Principles of Color and Cutting, Make Up Artistry and Skin Care Treatments. The latter two were truly inspired by my own need for keeping myself fresh looking and keeping my skin younger.

I think that my clients would be surprised to know that when it came to my set of artistic skills and having the “talent” to do hair, I was not one of the hairdressers that was “born or blessed with it”. It was an acquired education post beauty school that opened my creativity. I certainly did not have “the knack” when I first got my license. I can only be productively creative now because I have learned the principles about hair and its systems and how to make them all harmonize together.

There’s a saying in my field, and no doubt in many others, that when someone gets started in a newly chosen filed, they must “fake it till they make it”, and I along with many super talented hairdressers have an Academy Award for this because for the longest time, beauty schools were teaching you outdated techniques etc. and only taught what was necessary to pass the State Boards. Ironically, any further education beyond getting your license is considered “advanced education”. Go figure.

Now after collecting data from multiple generations throughout my wonderfully full thirty-five years of navigating myself and my clients through the many different aspects of life has me taking on a new title, to work alongside my Frientele Practice. I am a Facilitator of insightful information, perspective and understanding to assist others who are on a path of some form of transformation.

I’m not a Doctor, or life coach nor a therapist, although I have had many clients see me as a chair-side therapist and in many of those cases, I did feel that I was helpful in some way. So many clients make a point of saying to me, “thanks for listening”, I really needed it.” Or, “gosh, sorry I vented on you, you probably hear people all day”. We all will end up saying this whether to one another because it is in our nature to do so and who better than your hairdresser? (What I do want to suggest is that there are a few differences between hairdressers and therapists, some of the obvious, and some that aren’t, but that is an upcoming blog!)

I am a subtle energy color therapist who facilitates thought provoking one on one sessions, webinars and special event workshops that are for women who want to look deeper within themselves and take a sojourn into their soul to discover their Interselves, and help them maintain their physical, mental and spiritual selves in our ever changing world.

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