With thirty-five years of studying sociology as a professional hairdresser, JoAnn Francis has been receiving advice, learning about life and sharing advice with all generations on living in our multi-faceted world.

Her unique perspective comes from collecting everyone’s point of view as they live their lives, and face the day to day drama’s that coincide with common life passages. A teacher at heart, she shares the many lessons she has learned personally and professionally through her Frientele that we all will encounter at some point.

With so many wonderful women who have graced her styling chair, most of whom are unaware of the many lessons they have taught her, JoAnn warmly refers to them as her “Frientele”. They may have come in as a client, but they left as a friend. It is through them that JoAnn has recognized that regardless of who they are, where they live, what they do or where they came from, we all want the same thing, to live life in as best as possible and to find and maintain true happiness within ourselves and the world around us.