Enlightened Relief

This quote resonated within me when I first read it because it was a clear and decisive message. It was one of those messages that pings your Personal Operating System and instantly, without additional thought to muck it all up. Like all the quotes that speak to me, I immediately created a meme and posted it on the Interself FB page, and with it, I included a call to action. I suggested that the quote be considered over the weekend and to see if their POS would ping them in any one power center, thus alerting them to an area that needs some energetic balancing.

After considering it over the weekend myself, I recalled a personal event in the not too distant past, where I was void of any emotions, of any kind. It was the first time I recognized this sort of, “non-feeling” energy. It was indeed strikingly different because all the other bad energy was no longer there.

It was I who started the group text conversation, with a question of being kept up to date on our father’s health emergency and recovery. Her response to my simple and to the point question was really quite a shocker, but not because of the handy F U, but because it came from her! It made me laugh, and what I instantly recognized was that I didn’t hate her, I wasn’t angry, and I didn’t care what she said or did. So, I responded with a smart-ass comment of her having already done that.

She became uglier and nastier as I continued to be even keeled, and I didn’t jump to her baiting me. When her ego finally got the best of her, she hurled what she thought would be the ultimate insult when she wrote, “…and by help, I do not mean waving blue lights over your head!” Her insult was making fun of my use and recommendation of the Electromagnetic Spectrum for healing and balancing our Interselves. Basically, what it told me was that she was ignorant to the information that I share via the website that you are reading this on! It had me say to myself, just who was this person and WOW, was she showing herself to the others!

With that thought in mind I just let her comment rest right there, which naturally ended the conversation. I was not interested in her getting the last word, which, again was a bit surprising to me. I did get a separate text of support and love from one of my sisters, and she was relieved to hear that I was emotionless over the whole thing, because she has also arrived at the self-knowledge of one’s Personal Operating System. We both agreed that when you get to that point of no emotions whatsoever, your pretty much done with the whole thing and or the whole person involved.

To my surprise, I could go to sleep easily and without that running conversation that we all have of what I should’ve said or could’ve said or would’ve said. You know the one I’m talking about, that one with yourself that you play over and over in your head, while “waiting” to fall asleep. The next morning, as I got ready for work, a perfectly sound and reasonable reply came to me, as if the Universe had opened the door and let this great ray of light shine upon me while delivering it.

My answer would educate her and the others in the conversation about the use of color frequencies in modern medicine. The very color she chose to use in her power trip, blue, is in fact used all over the world and for all I know, could have been used on her own children! I added a bit of PC snarkiness, (I’m only human for goodness sake), when I typed out my reply.  “Just an FYI for all here, for decades now doctors have been using blue lights to treat and cure jaundice in newborn babies. Now I don’t know if they first waved them over the child’s head or not, perhaps they just put them under it like they do today. Drop the mic.”

That’s why Mr. Sosan’s quote resonated with me. By gaining an understanding of how your Personal Operating System works, we can strengthen our immune system to these types of attacks, and allowing for you to stay calm and emotionally balanced. Then we can be truly present in the moment when dealing with these power trips. When you are free of emotions you are allowing for the graceful and inspiring words or opportunities to light the way.

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