It’s actually pretty simple. Albert Einstein’s formula gave us the basis of just how our physical selves are invisibly grounded to this little planet we live on. A planet that we now see within in a vast universe with still more yet to be discovered. For too long now the species commonly referred to as

Green, it does the body good and is the go to color for most ill causing imbalances. Green is the frequency that closely resembles the element Cl-chlorine and as such can be considered to have a disinfecting quality about it. This past winter there were several occasions that warranted using a set of green lights

The frequency of red is the longest and the slowest wave on our electromagnetic spectrum and with that shiny piece of red fabric it provided just enough of a warming energy to relieve that stiffness. One of the best uses of the color red is to help relieve stiffness that is caused from certain conditions

Before I begin my personal experiences of how blue helped me and my clients, here is an excerpt from my blog on one of the most significant use of blue. “For decades, the use of light therapy has been the prescribed treatment for jaundice because of its positive effect on reducing the bilirubin in a

The hypothesis for my first experiment into understanding the electromagnetic spectrum outside of hair color was to find out whether you can feel a warming sensation over the red and conversely, a cooling sensation over the blue by hovering the palm of your hand over each one separately, as close to without touching them. (I