Cases of Blue

Before I begin my personal experiences of how blue helped me and my clients, here is an excerpt from my blog on one of the most significant use of blue.

“For decades, the use of light therapy has been the prescribed treatment for jaundice because of its positive effect on reducing the bilirubin in a newborns body. It is also referred to as photo therapy or photo light therapy because of its effective use in treating seasonal effective disorder. Both treatments are confirmation that there is more to subtle energy as a healing agent than you may have thought!”

Since I first began studying the Spectro Chrome System, Blue has now made a full circle in its ability to calm down an over-energized sciatica from the first time I discovered it healing comfort, that I too benefited from the same use. My client and I decided to try it out after she spoke of her Sciatica nerve was causing her problems.

Before I began her color and cut service, I placed a piece of the blue shiny satin fabric over her pants that stretched from her waist down to her knee. I then proceeded to shampoo and cut her hair as usual, and when I went to mix up her color, I asked if she felt anything.

She said no, “she really didn’t” and as I turned to ask her if that meant she felt nothing, she said the same thing to me in a jinx on a coke way. She began to realize that her discomfort had in fact calmed down so she did not feel “anything” no discomfort etc. It was rather scary as we both were trying to comprehend that something as simple as a piece of fabric took care of it. In fact, it neither of us wanted to even admit it because it was too crazy to comprehend.

To say we both were too scared to say it, the fact was, within twenty minutes or so, the frequency of blue calmed her sciatica right down! And as she processed and we sat and chatted, she began to scratch her ankle and instantly realized there was relief all way down to her ankle. But again, we were scared to even think something so simple could be so helpful!

Even with the simple science that backs it all up, and that of which I fully understand, I am still amazed each time a clients shocked face greets me when they realize they felt a difference in the flow of energy that surround a discomfort. Tonating to calm an over-energized area or to re-energize slow moving energetic patterns, the use of fabric still leaves me in amazement today.

It’s why I want to share my studies and experiences here, so that I may facilitate someone else’s learning of this easy way to restore energy, so they too can do the research and come to their own conclusion. I hope my stories make you want to learn more about using subtle energy to restore and balance the energy that flows through your Personal Power System!

My personal experience was just a few months ago when I first began to feel an imbalance that ultimately was stemming from my sciatica, so I applied a length of shiny blue fabric and found relief from the discomfort by tying it to my belt buckle and it worked within twenty minutes to provide me some relief from that energetic discomfort. As well, I paid attention to my sitting properly and most importantly, I did some simple yoga stretches each morning and each night, for a few days post relief to gently restore strength, and that is in thanks to the suggestions from

Using the blue and other colors on myself furthers my curiosity into my study of the Spectro Chrome System and “Fabricating’ the math to achieve similar results with silky satin polyester fabrics.

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