Can You Feel the Frequencies

The hypothesis for my first experiment into understanding the electromagnetic spectrum outside of hair color was to find out whether you can feel a warming sensation over the red and conversely, a cooling sensation over the blue by hovering the palm of your hand over each one separately, as close to without touching them.

(I have searched for the website or blog post that I came across that suggested this experiment, but am not able to find it.)

The frequencies of the red fabric are the longest and the slowest waves on the spectrum that produces a slight warming effect. The blue frequency is the shortest and the fasted and creates a cooling effect because of its ultra-fast speed.

Try it yourself! In a quiet space place a piece of red and blue fabric side by side on a table. Begin by hovering over the red one, using the palm of your hand and as close as possible to the fabric. Concentrate on what the palm of your hand is feeling, it is not unusual for it to take a few seconds to turn your focus in this way. Do you feel an ultra-light warming pulse of heat? It’s subtle really, it is not what you would feel if you were hovering your palm over a light bulb.

After a few seconds, move your hand in the same manner over top of the blue fabric. Did you feel an instant change on your palm? Did that warming sensation disappear? Try it several times, making sure that you are paying attention to what your palm is feeling. This is usually a foreign concept to most of us as we are only trained in the tactile sensation of feeling with our hands.

My conclusion is that the slow-moving and long wave of the red fabric does emit a slightly more feeling. The palm of my hand could feel the slight vibration which confirmed what I already knew. That each color has its own frequency its own rate of speed, and by understanding the energy that flows through us and around us, using the frequencies of color could indeed have a positive effect on our physical selves.


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