Blue and Chromo Color Therapy

The frequency of blue has been in use for decades because of its healing properties in both our physical body and in our mental status. I would view it as the most widely used and as such, “accepted” form of Chromo Color therapy that is in use today.

What I have found most interesting is that it doesn’t seem to be viewed as subtle energy in any way, and I believe that having a full understanding of it is a key factor in the overall process of healing, growing and maturing in one’s life. It’s always been about balance, hasn’t it? And we sure do spend a lot of money on trying to figure out just what the h e l l finding real balance means.

We must begin to look within our Interself and learn just what this personal power grid of energetic patterns is because it’s this exact flow of subtle energy that is responsible for every second of seemingly fascinating lives. Whether we choose to believe it or not, this energy, that we don’t even feel until it’s disrupted, is influencing every single decision that we make.

For decades, the use of light therapy has been the prescribed treatment for jaundice because of its positive effect on reducing the bilirubin in a newborns body. It is also referred to as photo therapy or photo light therapy because of its effective use in treating seasonal affective disorder. Both treatments are confirmation that there is more to subtle energy than you may have originally thought!

Don’t be so quick to blow off the idea of using subtle energy because you think it’s rocket science! It’s simple science and it can help you restore, rebalance and maintain your personal power grid if given the chance.

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