Blue and Chromo Color Therapy

The frequency of blue has been in use for decades because of its healing properties in both our physical body and in our mental status. I would view it as the most widely used and as such, “accepted” form of Chromo Color therapy that is in use today. What I have found most interesting is

The Go to Color of Green

When using Chromo Color Therapy to help balance and restore your bodies vital energy flow, the frequency of the color Green is the Go To Color for two reasons. One is it’s ability to restore and maintain the bodies equilibrium and the second one is for it’s antiseptic and over all cleansing ability. Something that

The Shaping of My Point of View

Following my last post on the Power of the Rainbow, I began to reflect on how I started to make the connection between our Personal Operating System (POS) of subtle energy, and how it is that power system is formed on such an individual basis.  Having explained my introduction into subtle energy previously, I want

My Re-introduction Into Subtle Energy

Ironically, I have been studying one form of subtle energy for my entire thirty-five years of hairdressing as a successful hair colorist. Little did I know then that the very first thing taught to me in the most impactful seminar I ever took was just that. In hair color 101, we are taught the Electromagnetic