A World of Yellow for Optimism and Confidence

Here’s a different perspective on the beautiful color yellow, one that can explain why it is such an optimistic color and very beneficial to us, right now, today! It is an overall energizer, as it helps to simulate two of the eight systems in our physical bodies. One is the nervous system that when stimulated sends energy to the muscular system. The second is the digestive system, you know that pesky one that converts the food we eat into energy? Read on to learn how the use of the seven colors found in a rainbow are related to the psychology of color.

Chromo-color therapy is the use of specific frequencies of color that can have a positive effect on balancing or restoring the subtle energy that flows through us all. I view this flow of energy as our very own Personal Operating System or POS because it operates just like the power grid that keeps our beer cold and food fresh.

This power grid consists of sevens specific areas of subtle energy that is also referred to as the Meridian channel in acupuncture and the chakras found in Sanskrit, however I choose to call them power sources. I am purposely changing that verbiage to that of all things “power” related because we now live in a 24/7 energetic world with advent of Wi-Fi networks. It is imperative that we gain a better understanding of what this constant flow of subtle energy is doing, to our physical, mental and spiritual selves, and whether we realize it or not.

The word balance is nothing new to us, we all have an understanding of it’s need, however when it comes to those energetic patterns that operate within us, we need to fully understand the realm of energetic rebalancing or restoring because of its utmost importance now that we have entered a new energetic age.

Since everything in our world can be found on the electromagnetic spectrum, (thank you Albert Einstein), doesn’t it make sense in a very simplistic and scientific way, that we can use a portion of that same spectrum, the visible light spectrum, to help restore and rebalance the flow of energy that makes up our physical selves?

We are made up of a nervous system that transmits electronic messages to all parts of our body, a flow of subtle energy if ever there was one! And we each have a field of energy that surrounds our bodies called the aura. Our Aura is the first line of defense when it comes to other forms of energy that may hack our systems.  What makes us all different even though we are all the same species, is how these energetic patterns are customized and individualized by our histories, backgrounds, beliefs and naturally our genetics.

When it comes to one of our energy centers becoming over energized, sluggish or blocked up, we either use the same color frequency or its affinity color to help restore the body’s natural balance of subtle energy.

In the case of the under activity of an energy center, such as today’s color, Yellow, we use the same color to help restore its natural energetic flow and balance. Thus, maximizing the ability to produce more energy! So, in the case of yellow being optimistic and cheerful and your feeling down or maybe experiencing a pessimistic or dreary attitude, get some yellow into your life! Increase the yellow frequency of subtle energy into your nervous system and you will boost your optimism and your body’s ability to convert food into energy! A win, win to say the least!

When one of our energy centers is overactive and we need to bring it back into balance we use its affinity color, essentially neutralizing one another in a way that results in harmonic balance. Affinity colors are also referred to as “complementary colors” because of this ability and in regard to today’s color, Yellow, it’s affinity is the color Violet.

Think of it like that phenomena we call “magnetic attraction”, the one way we seem to rely on the most when searching for our, “soul mate”. Finding someone who balances us out is an innate trait that we use, consciously or not when cupid’s arrow hits us. And, if they balance out most of the right ones in each of you, you stand a better chance of having a long term and relatively happy and harmonious life.

Yellow, it does the body good! I will be sharing more about Violet in future, check out my blog and other posts on my website! www.yourinterself.com

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